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CE Marking

Our product has obtained the CE Marking, which certifies that our ACMWind complies all the European Product Directives required before an electronic device is launched to the European Market.

ACMWind has successfully passed Low Voltage Directive and Electromagnetic Compatibility tests under the assessment of CE Marking Association. From one hand, Low Voltage Directive guarantees that the equipment meets the electrical safety directives. On the other hand, the Electromagnetic Compatibility test ensures that the system is able to work satisfactorily in its electromagnetic environment without introducing electromagnetic disturbances.

Closer to turn a disruptive idea into reality. Stay tuned for more information!


The Future of Condition Monitoring Turbines

Wouldn´t it be good to know in advance if something is not going as should be with your wind turbine and repair it before it becomes serious and causes unplanned downtime?

With ACMWind you can get the most of your rotating machinery, listening to what it tells you! Our innovative system successfully installed in the north of Spain since September is currently being tested and will remain gathering data continuously until mid-2017. Based on acoustic principles, this condition monitoring system will be able to detect faults in the rotating machinery of wind turbines at an early stage.

At the moment, the acoustic data collected is being analysed to optimize the algorithms for fault detection at the earliest possible stage. Our next step is to develop Ad-hoc hardware and software with the specific requirements encountered.

We will keep you updated with the latest ACMWind news!


Prototype Successfully Installed

ACMWind team is delighted to inform that ACMWind prototype has been successfully installed in the north of Spain. The system currently under testing will remain installed in a 1.3 MW wind turbine at ‘Los Castrios’ wind farm, gathering data continuously until mid-2017.

This pioneer solution commits to be highly competitive in cost and performance compared to the existing systems on the market. Based on acoustic principles, this condition monitoring system for wind turbine rotating machinery will be able to early detect faults in the machinery by installing an array of microphones between the gearbox and generator as shown above.

We cannot tell you how proud and excited the ACMWind team is to continue working hard on this innovative solution that promises to revolutionize the wind energy market!