The first solution that uses airborne emissions to assess the integrity of wind turbine drivetrains

Compact, reliable and non-intrusive, ACMWind is the first condition monitoring system (CMS) launched in the market using an acoustic pressure sensor to detect faults in drivetrain components at an early stage, improving the efficiency of your assets.

The acoustic pressure sensor is capable of detecting the sound-borne emissions from the different components of the drivetrain including main bearing, gearbox and generator. Vibrations from all the rotating components within the nacelle are monitored through the airborne noise.

The signal processing algorithm can differentiate the origin of the sound, and thus prescribe the defect to the faulty piece of machinery (gearbox, bearings and so on). The software automatically recognises the structural health signature of each monitored component from analysis of the frequency and time dependence of the acoustic responses.

The complete system, therefore, provides continuous, non‐intrusive, health monitoring of the wind turbine drivetrain. The distinct, quantitative history of the structural integrity of the machine components allow operators to estimate the time left until failure.